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Respirator Fit Testing (N95 | Half and Full Face | SCBA)

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Need a Group of Employees Fit Tested? - Call our team about booking a Fit Testing Session at your location.

Hot Zone's Respirator Fit Testing Services:

Having expert respirator fit testing of N95, half and full-face respirators and self-contained breathing apparatuses is critical in healthcare, firefighting, and even manufacturing. Fit testing is a process that verifies that the end user has been provided with the correct shape and size of respirator to ensure there will be no leaks around the area where the respirator touches the user's face. Gaps between the respirator and the user's face can allow airborne contaminants to enter the user's breathing zone. Those gaps can lead to the user breathing in particulate, biological agents, or chemicals that can cause short-term health effects or long-term illness. In some cases where users' are handling or are exposed to hazardous vapours, mists, fumes, or gases, exposure can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

Is there a legal requirement to complete N95 or Respirator Fit Testing?

Yes. In Ontario, employers who require their staff to wear tight-fitting respirators for protection are required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario Regulation 833 - Control of Exposure to Chemical and Biological Agents - Section 12 to have a Quantitative Fit Test or Qualitative Fit Test completed to verify that a proper respirator fit has been achieved.

At Hot Zone, we follow CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4-18, Selection, Use and Care of Respirators..

Quantitative Fit Testing Services: Our primary method of fit testing on respirators. An extremely safe, hygienic, precise, and fast method of confirming which respirator is the correct fit for your employees. Hot Zone uses TSI

PortaCounts to confirm that each respirator has the right fit. No guess work, no delays, no mistakes.

Qualitative Fit Testing Services: By request only, this traditional method of fit testing requires the employee to subjectively confirm the taste and/or smell of test agents to determine whether they have the correct respirator and seal to their face.

Need Individual Fit Testing? - Call us about "Fit Test Fridays". Visit our Calendar to see available dates or Click Here.

Hot Zone's Fit Testers can test up to 8 Staff Per Hour and 56 Staff over an 8 Hour Day. Our Quantitative Fit Testing method using TSI PortaCounts ensures you know whether your team have the correct model and size of respirator.

Fit Test Friday Costs Per Fit Test at Hot Zone's Cambridge Location:

N95 Masks / Respirators - $40 +taxes (Cost includes the N95 Mask Respirator for your fit test)

Half or Full-Face Respirators - $55 +taxes

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) - $55+taxes

Duration 15 Minutes Per Test
Training Interval Required every 2 Years based on CSA Standard Z94.4-18
Pre-Requisite None
Includes Certificate of Completion


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