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Confined Space Standby Rescue Team and Attendant Services

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Hot Zone’s world class team of current, former fire fighters, and safety professionals provide rescue and protection services to ensure your team has back up on the job.

A Confined Space Entry Plan is not complete without a Confined Space Rescue Team. In Ontario, every employer must ensure that during a confined space entry that no worker enters or remains in a confined space unless adequate written on-site rescue procedures that apply to the confined space have been developed and are ready for immediate implementation. This includes having an adequate number of trained individuals on-site to put that plan in place. Refer to Ont. Regulation 632/05 - Confined Spaces, Sections 11 and 12.

If you need Confined Space Rescue Procedures developed or need a Confined Space Rescue Team for standby, that is where Hot Zone can help.

The primary objective of our team is to work with our clients to eliminate as many risks during projects as possible, and then control the remainder. This is not limited to the beginning of a job or project as things continuously change. So we are right there the entire time with Entrants, Attendants, and their support staff to provide advice, stop work, and in the event of a change in atmosphere, human health condition, or other incident, respond accordingly.

Our Rescue Team can provide you with:

  • Confined and Restricted Space Rescue (Entry Rescue and Non-Entry Rescue)
  • Confined Space Attendant and Air Monitoring Services as requested
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Chemical Loading Rescue (Refrigerants)
  • Fire Suppression / Fire Watch
  • On-Site First Aid Services
  • Custom Rescue and Protection Planning

As part of planning a project, plant shut down, controlled burns, planned or emergency equipment repairs, Hot Zone will work with your team to define the job risks, develop safety and rescue plans, and provide tailored services until your work is done.

Resources we will bring if needed:

  • Confined Space Entry Permit
  • Confined Space Rescue Plan Documentation
  • Air Monitors - Personal and Remote Pump Monitors (MSA 4X and MSA 5X)
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