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Hot Zone Training Consultants offers a variety of leading health and safety services. Developing a health and safety program that will be the foundation to protect your team is just the start of what we do. Hot Zone provides customized health and safety consulting, respirator fit testing, rescue standby services, property risk assessments, navigating Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development, and more. Our passion is to help our clients through the most challenging situations.

Health and Safety Consulting Respirator Fit Testing
Rescue Standby Services Health and Safety Risk Assessments
HazMat and Confined Space Rescue Equipment Planning and Procurement Environmental Emergency (E2) Plan Development and Training
Bridging Leaves of Absence HazMat and Indoor Air Quality Services

Respirator Fit Testing: (N95, Half-Face Respirator, Full-Face Respirators and SCBA)

In Ontario, employers have responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure workers that are required to wear respiratory protection (N95, Half-Face, Full-Face, and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses SCBA) are trained in the use and care of their personal protective equipment. Employers must also ensure that respirators fit following leading practices (CSA Standard Z94.4 Selection, Use and Care of Respirators). The correct respirator fit is critical when working in hazardous environments such as protection from COVID, welding fumes and other airborne contaminants.

Hot Zone Training Consultants have provided respirator fit testing services to businesses across Ontario for over 20 years. We work with corporations, small businesses, hospitals, dentists and emergency services to ensure each employee is fitted with the correct style and size of respirator to ensure they are protected from infectious particles (viruses and bacteria) and chemicals (fumes, mists, gases and vapours), as well as dust and dirt.

We have two methods of respirator fit testing available:

  • Quantitative Fit Testing ( Testing using Porta Counts )
  • Qualitative Fit Testing ( Testing using Hoods and Collars )

Our methods prevent cross contamination between worker fit testings. We are the best fit testing choice in Ontario. Call us today for a quote. We offer free guidance on which respirators to select prior to fit testing based on your business needs.

Hot Zone also provides Respirator Fit Testing Train the Trainer courses for Qualitative Fit Testing.

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Rescue Standby Services:

Hot Zone’s world class team of current and former fire fighters and safety professionals provide rescue and protection services to ensure your team has back up on the job.

As part of planning a project, plant shut down, film shoot, controlled burns, planned or emergency equipment repairs, Hot Zone will work with your team to define the job risks, develop safety and rescue plans and provide standby services until the work is done. Our rescue services include:

Call us today and we will work with you to create and provide with our best in class rescue services.

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Bridging Leaves of Absence

Is your Health and Safety Manager, Specialist, or Coordinator preparing for a leave of absence? Call Hot Zone. We have supported clients across Ontario to place Health and Safety Professions as well as Emergency Service Supervisors on secondments for more than 10 years. We will work with you to identify the desired skills required for the role and advise on the best course to keep your safety program functioning.

Options Include:

Environmental Emergency E2 Plans and Training

For years we have worked to develop Environmental Emergency (E2) Plans for sites with large quantities of hazardous materials, (propane, ammonia, or natural gas). As part of this process, Hot Zone can assist your business with selecting the correct emergency response equipment and provide your team training on its use.

HazMat and Confined Space Rescue Equipment Planning and Procurement

You may be putting a Hazardous Materials or Confined Space Rescue team together for the first time. Hot Zone can help you select the equipment needed to protect your response teams. Next, we will train your team on how to use, wear and maintain each piece of equipment and design tailored practical scenarios to improve their level of safety and response.

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