HotZone Training

Patrick Rodgerson

Director of Operations

With over 17 years of hands-on experience in the area of occupational health and safety and a proven track record for effective and successful team and project management, Patrick Rodgerson brings a specialized set of leadership skills to the Hot Zone team. Combining a dedication and commitment to the mission and function of the company with forward-thought and innovative vision, Patrick is helping to lead the organization into the future of health and safety training and services.

As Hot Zone’s Director of Operations, Patrick is responsible for the oversight of all of the organization’s operations, including everything from the development of long-term strategy to the day-to-day execution of the training and services offered. Also responsible for the management of Hot Zone’s financial components, the identification of new growth opportunities within the market remains an area of his focus. And, in addition to these responsibilities, Patrick is also one of the organizations trainers, consultants, fit testers and rescue specialists.

Extremely active within the health and safety space, Patrick is currently a volunteer member of the Prevention Employer Partners Group, providing advice and feedback to the Chief Prevention Office for Ontario as well as to the WSIB, and is a former advisory member for Workplace Safety Prevention Services, the Conservation Strategic Advisory Council, and the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO).

Approaching each day and task with the same dedication and commitment to improving the health and safety of individuals everywhere, Patrick continues to make his mark on the industry. Supported by his vast amount of experience, as well as an inordinate list of training credentials and accreditations that he’s amassed during his career, he helps Hot Zone navigate through continued growth, reaching as many businesses as possible in an effort to address and solve the health and safety challenges of organizations and individuals everywhere.


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