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Respirator Fit Testing "Fit Test Fridays" ( N95 | APR | SCBA )

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Hot Zone's Respirator Fit Testing Services:

If employers provide workers with a respirator they must ensure that fit testing is conducted as part of a Respiratory Protection Program under Ontario Regulation 185/19. Fit testing allows employers and workers to know that the personal protective equipment they are provided effectively seals to the workers face.

Hot Zone offers on-site and individual quantitative fit testing sessions.

For corporate pricing at your location, please contact Patrick Rodgerson, Operations Director with Hot Zone.

If you are a individual or small business call us today about our "Fit Test Fridays". Fit Test Fridays allow individuals to come to Hot Zone's head office in Cambridge, Ontario to have a quantitative fit test performed. It only takes 15 minutes per test.

Fit Test Friday Costs Per Fit Test:

N95 Respirators - $30

Half-Face Respirators - $50

Full-Face Respirators - $50

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - $50

Ontario Respiratory Protection Program Requirements: Ontario Regulation 185/19:

Employer Duties: Respirators

9. (1) An employer who provides a worker with a respirator shall ensure that the respirator,

(a) is appropriate in the circumstances for the form and concentration of airborne biological or chemical agent in respect of which the respirator is to be used;

(b) meets or exceeds the requirements set out in this section and sections 10 to 13; and

(c) is used by workers in accordance with the requirements of this section and sections 10 to 13.

(2) An employer who provides a worker with a respirator shall establish written measures and procedures regarding the selection, care and use of respirators.

(3) An employer who provides a worker with a respirator shall provide training and instruction to the worker in the care and use of the respirator before the worker first uses the respirator.

(4) The training and instruction required under subsection (3) shall include training and instruction on the following:

1. Limitations of the respirator.

2. Inspection and maintenance of the respirator, including, in the case of an air-purifying respirator, end of service life indicators or change out schedules for the cartridge, canister or filter.

3. Proper fitting of the respirator.

4. Cleaning and disinfecting the respirator.

Duration 15 Minutes Per Test
Training Interval Every 2 Years
Pre-Requisite None
Includes Wallet Card