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HotZone Training

Peter White

Founder | Trainer | Consultant

As a former Toronto firefighter with a specialized background as a chemical spill responder, Peter White understands a thing or two about hot zones. He also understands the range of unique training requirements that are to be met by all types of businesses in order for them to build and maintain a robust culture of health and safety within their organizations. It’s the reason he founded Hot Zone back in 1997. And, supported by a lifelong passion and dedication to ensuring the wellness and safety of everyone, Peter’s managed to elevate the company to become Canada’s expert in health and safety training, consulting, fit testing and rescue services.

Drawing on his wealth of experience as a trainer for hazardous materials for Toronto Fire, and recognizing a need within all industries and sectors for professional health and safety training, Peter’s vision and philosophy has helped cultivate an unprecedented level of trust with the businesses Hot Zone works with. By building strong relationships, with an emphasis on understanding the particular health and safety requirements of the business at hand, Peter has always made sure to put the needs of Hot Zone’s clients first.

With a commitment to hiring no one short of the best, Peter’s ability to recognize training talent ensures that Hot Zone’s team is made up of an impressive array of industry specialists. It’s a commitment that’s reflected in the company’s earliest mission statement: “We practice what we preach”. And it’s a commitment and mission that, thanks to Peter’s steadfast leadership, is embedded in everything that Hot Zone does to this day, resulting in an unwavering pledge by the company to prioritize the wellness and safety of all people, and to provide the transference of knowledge and expertise to others in order to help prevent accidents and dangerous situations before they happen.