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Eclipse Innovation ARC Respirator Fit Testing - Part I

This week we wanted to provide Canadians background on two things.

  1. The Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing Process
  2. The New Health Canada Approved N95 Equivalent Respirators by Eclipse Innovation

We still meet many employers that anticipate fit testing is only completed using the hood bitter method (Qualitative). Quantitative fit testing is a fast, hygienic and extremely accurate method to ensure your respirator fits using a machine like a PortaCount.

For those that do not know, if employees wear respirators (N95 / Half Face or Full Face) at work, they must be fit tested every two-years at a minimum. More frequent testing may be required due to weight loss or gain.

If you have questions about fit testing or need help obtaining critical respiratory PPE, contact our team. We provide two styles of respirators with a variety of sizes, each having an ASTM Level 3 Fluid Resistance. Spread the word and help protect Canadian workers.

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