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Asbestos was commonly used in building construction prior to the late 1980’s. Some forms of asbestos are still used in present day construction materials. Resistance to heat, flexibility, and the durability of asbestos fibres made them an additive of choice in various building materials or components. Studies have shown, the health effects associated with exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to a reduced respiratory function called Asbestosis, and a type of lung cancer called Mesothelioma. Provincial and Federal Governments have introduced regulations to protect workers and building occupants from exposure to asbestos. Hot Zone has comprehensive experience in all areas of asbestos consulting; Building Material Bulk Sampling for Asbestos Content, Asbestos Assessments and Reassessments, Asbestos Management Plans and Training, Asbestos Inspections and Air Monitoring, Asbestos Abatement Specification Development and Project Tendering, and Asbestos Abatement Project Management. Our team assists clients in complying with environmental health and safety legislation, in protecting occupant health, and by protecting our client’s building asset.

Building Material Bulk Sampling for Asbestos Content

The purpose of bulk sampling is to collect representative samples of building materials that are suspected to be asbestos-containing. The purpose of laboratory analysis is to determine whether asbestos is present and, if present, the type and percentage content of asbestos. Hot Zone uses only National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredited laboratories, and follows the EPA 600/R-93/116 Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials.

Asbestos Assessments & Reassessments

The objective of an asbestos assessment or reassessment, is to fulfill requirements set forth under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), for achieving regulatory compliance. In order to meet with the Ontario Regulation 278/05 – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations, building owners and/or managers are required to keep an up to date asbestos inventory through the means of asbestos assessments & reassessments, that can assist with any recommended course of abatement or remediation to prevent asbestos exposure, to ensure regulatory compliance, and for management control of asbestos within a building.

Asbestos Abatement Inspections and Air Monitoring

At Hot Zone, we provide asbestos work area inspections, and final visual inspections with detailed inspection reporting. We also provide asbestos work area final air clearance sampling. Hot Zone uses NIOSH 7400 “A” counting rules, this method is used to estimate the airborne concentration of asbestos and other non-asbestos fibers usually done before, during, and after asbestos abatement. This Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) technique gives us the advantage of quick turnaround time and low cost.

Asbestos Abatement Specification Development and Project Tendering

The general intent of a specification document, is to notify an abatement contractor of the minimum requirements for the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials (ACM). This also allows for a Contractor to price a project to furnish all labor, materials, services, insurance, to specifically cover the handling and transportation of asbestos shown or reasonably implied for the removal, transport, and disposal for the purpose of project tendering.

Asbestos Management Plans and Training

Asbestos Management Plans provide details of the location and condition of the asbestos in the building. Managing asbestos is a requirement under Ontario Regulation 278/05 Designated Substances Asbestos on Construction Projects, as well as the Canada Labour Code, Part II - Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations - Training on the proper use, and care of the Asbestos Management Plan support an employer's due diligence, compliance requirements, and also keeps an accurate inventory of any asbestos containing materials within a building so that employers, supervisors and workers know if they could be coming into contain with asbestos as part of their work. This then allows an employer to take the proper steps to protect their workers or contractors from exposure to asbestos by implementing the proper controls.

Asbestos Abatement Project Management

Hot Zone can provide turn-key Asbestos Abatement or Remediation Management during any renovation or demolition project. We can provide cradle to grave services, from the initial asbestos materials survey, to the specification development, to the project tendering and bid opening, to project implementation/kick-off, to asbestos air monitoring, to obtaining waste transfer records, and issuing a project final report.


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