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NFPA Private Sector Employee Specialist Level C Training

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NFPA Private Sector Employee Specialist Level C Training Course Summary:

Conforming to NFPA 472, OSHA CFR 1910.130, CSA Z731 and provincial regulations, the NFPA Private Sector Employee Specialist Level C responds to emergencies involving chemicals and/or containers within their organization’s area of specialization. The NFPA Private Sector Employee Specialist Level C does not enter the hot or warm zone in an emergency.

Who Would Benefit From This Course:

  • Emergency spill response teams support members
  • Maintenance and Security Staff
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee members
  • Supervisors

Course Content:

  • Survey the incident
  • Identify the containers involved
  • Identify or classify unknown materials
  • Verify the identity of the chemicals
  • Collect and interpret hazard and response data
  • Determine the extent of damage to chemical containers
  • Predict the likely behaviour of a spilled material
  • Estimate outcomes and impact resulting from a spill
  • Identify response objectives
  • Identify all potential response actions
  • Act as the incident command for any hazardous incident
  • Select the specific personal protective equipment required for entry
  • Select the appropriate decontamination procedures
  • How to don, work in and doff all four levels of personal protective equipment
  • Plant and hazard specific air monitoring objective
  • Street smart chemistry and toxicology
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Spill mitigation and control techniques through practical scenarios

Minimum Number of Trainees: 8

Duration 8 Hours
Training Interval 3 Years Recommended Refresher
Pre-Requisite WHMIS and Facility Specific Knowledge
Includes Certificate of Completion