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Lock Out Tag Out Training

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Lock Out Tag Out Training Summary:

Unintended or deliberate release of hazardous energy carries the very real risk of serious injuries or even fatality. Businesses that require their employees work on or near hazardous energy need to implement safety best practices, and must be able to demonstrate due diligence towards prevention of electrical injuries.

While there are several effective methods for controlling hazardous energy associated with potentially harmful machines, equipment, and processes, lock out is recognized as the primary method.

Lock out tag out training will provide your team with the fundamental knowledge needed to control hazardous forms of energy at work in your workplace.

Who Would Benefit From This Course:

Supervisors, production workers, maintenance team members, millwrights, engineers, cleaners, and contractors

Course Content:

  • Review of applicable legislation and CSA Standard Z460-20
  • Introduction to hazardous forms of energy, including associated risk and examples in your workplace
  • Review of fundamental requirements of lock out tag out and common misconceptions
  • Development of a lock out tag out program and procedures
  • Injury analysis and accident investigation
  • Methods of locking out including available lock out tag out equipment
  • Review of unique practices including partial lock out, temporary removal for testing and trouble-shooting, contractor management, group lock out, chain of custody and lock removal procedures
  • Need for site-specific training
  • Quiz
Duration 4 Hours
Training Interval 3 Years
Pre-Requisite None


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