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Fire Extinguisher Training

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Fire Extinguisher Training Course Summary:

Fire prevention is critical. For employers that require workers or emergency response teams to manage incipient stage fires (Stage 1 or Initial Onset), there is a requirement to provide fire extinguisher training.

Hot Zone’s Fire Extinguisher Training will teach responders the fundamental characteristics of a fire, provide practical training in the use a extinguisher to put out a live fire, and identify when it is time to leave the fire to the professionals.

Who Would Benefit From This Course:

Owners, Supervisors, Emergency Response Team Member, Workers Assigned for Fire Watch (Hot Work Activities)

Course Content:

  • Overview of Fire Chemistry – Review of the Rhode Island Night Club Fire. Discussion on how fires start and the three stages of a fire
  • Classes of Fires – Review of Class A, B, C, D and K fires
  • Review of Extinguishers – Makes and models of extinguishers available for response
  • Discussion on how a fire and heat move through a building
  • Fire Management Limitations – Discussion on when a fire is too large for internal response teams to extinguish
  • Workplace fire prevention techniques
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation – The PASS acronym
  • Practical exercise in extinguishing combustible liquids
Duration 2 Hours
Training Interval 3 Years Recommended Refresher
Pre-Requisite None
Includes Certificate of Completion


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