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Code Brown (Hazardous Spills) Emergency Preparedness Training

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Code Brown Certification Course Summary:

Prevention is critical when it comes to hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, spills occur, and hospitals, laboratories and healthcare professionals must know how to manage spills safely. Hot Zone’s Code Brown Certification has been designed to provide you with prevention and spill intervention techniques, that will be applied in mock scenarios.

We provide the option of either a 4 Hour condensed or 8 Hour additional practical scenario trainings.

Who Would Benefit From This Course:

  • Owners
  • Supervisors
  • Maintenance Team Members
  • Shippers, Receivers, and Truck Drivers
  • Histology, Pharmacy, Radiology, and Laboratory
  • Spill Response Team Members
  • Small and Large Equipment Operators
  • Employees Dispensing and Decanting Chemicals
  • Security Team Members

Course Content:

  • Incident command system – Organizational structure for roles and responsibilities
  • Standard operating guidelines – 5 easy steps to take. Review of hospital Code Brown procedures
  • Review of chemical information – Safety Data Sheets, Emergency Response Guide, CANUTEC, etc.
  • Elements of a chemical spills – Predicting the behaviour of a spill. General hazards of chemicals. Routes of entry. Spill management practices
  • Lab safety issues
  • Compressed gas safety issues
  • Fire safety issues
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – Review levels of required protection for staff during emergencies. Review levels of respiratory protection available and limitation. Review level of chemical protective clothing (gloves, boots and suits)
  • Monitoring devices – Basic review of monitoring devices to assist us during an emergency event
  • Containment Procedures – Diking vs. diverting. Understand how to use the contents of your workplace specific spill kit. Understand how to neutralize a chemical spill
  • Decontamination – Review of methods to decontaminate victims and employees who have been exposed with or without PPE
  • Assessment and spill prevention techniques
  • Practical scenario and tabletops
Duration 4 Hours ($1250) or 8 Hours ($1950)
Training Interval New Staff - Within 3 Months, Refresher Every 6 Months Based on the Ontario Fire Code ( or Annual Retraining Based on NFPA 472
Pre-Requisite WHMIS 2015
Includes Emergency Response Guides and NFPA 704M Reference Cards


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