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HotZone Training

Len Cicero

Electrical Safety Trainer / Consultant

With 29 years of experience in Workplace Electrical Safety, Len Cicero has mastered his position as the Lead Electrical Safety Trainer and Consultant with Hot Zone. He provides valuable knowledge about the hazards of shock, burns, and arc flashes. Len also instructs on how to work in proximity of these hazards while achieving the most minimal risk.

What has made Len so successful and valuable as a trainer is that he is also a certified Master Electrician and has an extensive background in real world electrical safety. Len is a current founding member of the Canadian Standards Association's Z462 for Workplace Electrical Safety committee, a standard that outlines leading practices for Electrical Safety in workplaces across Canada. Len also aided in creating Code CSA Z460 for the Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout and Other Methods. With these credentials and expertise Len provides an exceptional training experience.


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