HotZone Training

Chris Simonato

Health and Safety Consultant | Trainer

Serving as a professional in the area of health and safety for 25 years, Chris Simonato is influential in helping to develop and provide the solutions to many of the safety challenges faced by Hot Zone’s clients.

As a Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer, Chris is responsible for the development and administering of the organization’s various health and safety courses, in addition to the identification of required updates to course materials as changes are needed. And, supported by years of experience and acquired knowledge, his contributions on the consulting side of the business, including the conducting of audits, inspections and risk assessments, provide an invaluable service for clients of the organization.

Leveraging an extensive health and safety background, which includes service in a leading safety role at a large food processing firm, Chris ensures that the services provided to Hot Zone’s clients help them better understand their health and safety responsibilities, perform their duties safer and operate in accordance with the rules and guidelines that govern their industries, benefitting their businesses and everyone involved.


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