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Jul 29th 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

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Emergency Incident Management/Fire Safety Officer

Every organization must design and implement a Plan for any manmade or naturally occurring emergency within the workplace. The backbone of this plan will always be hazard assessment (determining which hazards require planning and controls) and the Incident Command/Management System (organizing your resources, equipment, staff). This course will enable your participant(s) to effectively work within and occupy a role in the Emergency Incident Management System.


  • The Mancuso Chemicals Disaster (lets look at a Hazmat Incident that went wrong)
  • The Station Night Club (West Warwick, Rhode Island). Lets watch a large “life loss” fire start and gain an appreciation for how quickly it trapped people.
  • Legislation – why do we have to take a course like this? A fast review of the many standards and pieces of legislation that govern our programs and Plans
  • The Incident Command/Management System – the modular and expandable structure for how your organization will manage any emergencies (Fire, Spill, Medical, Violence, Etc). We will detail every key position with duties and responsibilities (Incident Commander, Media Relations Officer, Operations Officer, Accountability, Safety, Finance, Etc)
  •  Communications – Internal and External – your ability to communicate effectively during any emergency will “make or break you”. Let’s discuss effective internal communications and the barriers which impact on effectiveness. We also need to prepare you for incoming Emergency resources and how to transfer Command and information (externally) to them.
  • Reporting – Fire Wardens, Incident Commanders and every position in between require checklists (reports) for staff to follow during the emergency. These reports will be filed after the event as a hedge against any inquest.
  • Building Systems – do your staff know how to read and interpret alarm panels. Would they know how to reset your alarm system when required? Can they operate elevator Fire Fighter access keys? We will tour one of your facilities and cover these critical infrastructure issues before the big event happens.  

Course Duration:   8-16 hours based on practical scenarios and topics of inclusion for any client.

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