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Jul 29th 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

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Advanced Rigging and Slinging Certification

Today’s crane operators face a myriad of challenges while trying to fulfill their duties and responsibilities for their employer. Rigging and Slinging poses one of the more complex challenges faced by any operator. From load weight estimation to effective slinging techniques, the operator’s competency remains critical. This course has been designed to better equip your operators with the site and equipment specific certification to fulfill this art form dutifully.

Topics to include but not limited to:

  • Legislation – what does the Act, CSA, ANSI and OSHA have to say about rigging and slinging
  • Corporate SOP/SOGs – what does the employer advocate for the supervisor and the worker
  • Rigging gear and inspection criteria – what equipment do we have here in each of our departments and how would we inspect this equipment – how often must this equipment be inspected
  • Proper storage practices when not in use and how to protect rigging while in use.
  • How to establish the weight and centre of gravity for the load – always know the rated capacity for your slings and hardware and know how to select the correct hitch to control the load
  • How can sling angles and increased tension impact on the load – how to calculate reductions when using a choker hitch- Sling (Wire Rope, Single-Part, Mini-Part),rigging components, sling ends, eye and sling choker hook
  • How to properly determine the correct hitch, select the correct sling, rig correctly, stand clear for the lift, use tag lines or tethers to control unwanted movements, ensure you do not shock load the rigging by dropping the load.
  • How to work with alloy steel chains, wire rope slings, using the Dd ratio, synthetic webbing, shackles and hooks, straight slings, choker slings and basket slings
  • PPE considerations for the operator and rigging crews
  • Hand signals
  • Written quiz
  • OK, lets go to the floor and work with your equipment

Course Duration:

Theory segment is 3 hours with DVDs utilized to emphasize key elements. Practical (hands-on) will last between 2-4 hours depending on class size and departmental equipment disparities (not all departments will use the same rigging and slinging equipment based on the type of crane and load). It will be more expeditious to train each department separately   

Note:  Course can be designed to meet the specifics for any employer’s workplace. Please allow consulting time for any onsite visits and course design issues. 

Train the trainer certification

Many organizations harbour talented employees who possess sound adult facilitation skills coupled with a notable competency from a practical operator standpoint. Having these individuals integrated into real time facilitators can be both expeditious and cost effective for your in-house training program.

Module One (morning of Day One)

  • Adult learning principles – how do adults learn and what training methods best address these needs
  • Planning and design – what structure should this course take and how will I be able to set my timing
  • Making learning stick – What facilitation methods can I use to ensure that my training stays with the class?  – See one, do one, teach one!
  • Evaluation – summative and formative – what tools are available to me to test the effectiveness of my training, after the fact
  • Presentation skills – what character traits and tricks can I use to become an effective facilitator
  • Training with media – how to incorporate multiple media into your training (Power Point, White Boards, hand outs, Etc)
  • Training with emotion – how can humour and reward enhance the learning experience? 
  • Video taping of each participant doing a 5 minute presentation on any topic of his/her choice with critique.

Module two (afternoon of Day Two)

  • Introduction for all attendees to the Hot Zone rigging and slinging course materials
  • See content of the training course listed above for topics to be covered
  • Explanation for content intent and timeframes for each section
  • Trainer notes and Q and A

Module three (Day two – 8 am – 2 pm)

  • Departmental specific practical session covering each rigging and slinging element used within this department
  • How to fully inspect rigging and slinging equipment
  • How to use load charts and establish the centre of gravity for the load
  • How to properly rig and sling using the equipment utilized within that department
  • How to use inspection log sheets
  • How to properly test your attendees to ensure they are meeting expectations

Module four (Day two – 2 pm-4 pm)

  • Attendees will be paired into training partners on day one
  • Each group of two will have been tasked to prepare any one section of the course (their choice) for a dry run presentation (video taped)
  • Each group will keep a copy of their videotaped presentations as a building block for future improvement
  • A positive group critique will accompany each presentation

Training Dates:


Ministry of Labour Blitz

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