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Jul 29th 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

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Arc Flash Awareness Certification

Electricity represents one of the most common forms of energy in any workplace. Every employee will work with electricity in one form or another throughout the average workday. Few truly understand or respect the potential for injury.

Arc flash explosions represent one of the most serious occurrences in the workplace and can be devastating to the worker. How would your workers assess the workplace to determine when/where Arc Flash potentials exist? What control measures have your organization put into place? Are your ERT ready for and prepared to manage Arc Flash burns?  This course has been designed to comply with all Canadian standards and legislation and will equip your workforce with the tools necessary to deal with Arc Flash potentials:


  • Legislation – what does NFPA, the NEC,  The Act and CSA address on this issues        
  • What is Arc Flash
  • What factors contribute to or enable Arc Flash to occur
  • What are some common Arc Flash risks
  • How can we reduce those risks
  • What temperatures will your employees be facing during an Arc Flash Explosion
  • What type of injuries should we expect for personnel
  • What type of PPE and engineering controls should we use
  • How should ERT handle Arc Flash injuries
  • What do your procedures expect of you?
  • And so much more

Course duration:  3 hours

Includes:   Participant manuals, certificates, wallet cards, quiz

Training Dates:


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Ministry of Labour Blitz

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