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HotZone Training

Scott Fitzpatrick

Health and Safety Trainer | Fit Tester

Working for a little more than seven years as a firefighter for Toronto Fire Service, Scott Fitzpatrick adds a level of expertise and technical ability to the services that Hot Zone provides its clients.

Providing in-class health and safety training in the areas of First Aid and CPR and the use of fire extinguishers, as well as administering respirator fit testing, Scott’s contributions toward helping to achieve the organization’s objective of improving the safety standards and knowledge of its clients are immense.

Once serving as a Wildland firefighter for the Ontario Minster of Natural Resources, Scott’s commitment to the work he does every day is unshakable. And, combined with an unyielding interest in teamwork centred around trust and cooperation and work being executed on point, the training and services that he helps deliver to Hot Zone clients is instrumental in improving the health and safety of everyone involved.